MINDO is designed to meet the needs of growing small to medium sized businesses. We work with prospective clients individually, with confidentiality and non-compete agreements in effect. This level of personal attention from the start, backed by experts in consultancy, helps to solidify the client/outsourcer relationship on a solid base of mutually understood goals and objectives and to create pragmatic plans and operations that can achieve your goals.

Specialized in assisting startups and small growing businesses

By taking the time to learn about each company's unique needs, and working with them to set up a strong base of mutual understanding, Mindo shows its commitment to being your long term outsourcing partner. As your business grows and you and Mindo reach objectives together, you will be working with many of the same individuals and building a strong and committed workforce that truly understands you and your business.

Committed to ethical business and labor practices

Mindo treats its employees well because it is the right thing to do. We know that by doing right by our employees, we help your business succeed. By offering more benefits, we attract the best and the brightest. And by creating a rewarding work environment, we increase retention rates and develop excellent management from the ground up.

Mindo's commitment to corporate social responsibility creates teams that are ready to meet any growing business challenges. Our knowledge of proper local and international business policies allows us to be a positive example of ethical practice around the globe.

To take a personal look into life at Mindo and see some of its recent team building activities please visit Mindo's FaceBook page.