MINDO is a full service employee provider dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their goals. Established in 2011, Mindo has seen a steady growth year over year thanks to dedicated personnel, high quality business practices, and smart leadership. Mindo employees are fluent in English, university educated, and bring a wealth of business experience in the fields of CRM development, API development, web design, data entry, customer service, and billing and accounting services. And if Mindo does't currently have the specialty skill your company requires, Mindo will use its strong business and labor connections to quickly acquire the exact skills you need.

Mindo works with prospective clients to help them develop clear objectives that will achieve long term business success. Mindo brings clients and experts together to create clear benchmarks and pragmatic timelines, so that clients are able to track their continuing progress and feel secure in the quality of work being accomplished. Mindo then stands behind every commitment it makes with clear contracts and offers personalized payment structures that meet the needs of your growing business.